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Relieve Your Neck Pain for Good

You live in a fast-paced world in which you can’t always take time to slow down. But when you live with neck pain, the world around you moves too quickly, and the pain becomes so consuming that you can’t keep up with even your daily activities. If you are experiencing debilitating neck pain, NJ Pain Care Specialists can provide some of the best diagnostic techniques and pain treatments available in New Jersey.

One of the most common neck injuries suffered each year by millions of Americans is whiplash, which occurs when a sudden, rapid jerking motion causes the spinal column to overextend. Whiplash usually occurs from car accidents and during contact sports, and while medication and a neck brace are often used to treat this pain, a nerve block might sometimes be administered to help ease the discomfort.

A Cervical Facet Nerve Block is a simple treatment that can ease the pain of whiplash as well as other neck problems. The patient is typically lightly sedated during this minimally invasive procedure to help calm the individual. A device called a fluoroscope is used to help locate the affected area so that an anesthetic solution can be injected to calm the painful nerve. The patient will go home that same day. A procedure called radiofrequency ablation may also be employed following the facet nerve block to provide long term pain relief.

Another procedure often considered is a Cervical Epidural Spinal Steroid Injection. This is used for pain that radiates to the shoulder or down the arm. This procedure allows steroids to be injected into the spinal region to help the pain subside.

Cervical discography is used as a diagnostic procedure to help isolate the pain coming from a specific disc in the spine. This information can be used to help decision-making prior to surgery by your spine surgeon.

Your neck pain shouldn’t have to be a constant burden. Led by Dr. Harris Bram – a 2013 “Top Doc” – the outstanding professionals at NJ Pain Care Specialists will introduce you to the latest innovative procedures that allow for the very best possible diagnosis, treatment and management of painful spine-related back and neck pain.

Dr. Bram’s years of experience and compassion for his patients truly make him a 2012 Top Doctor.



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